Mount Allison University Visit

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Mount Allison University’s International Recruitment and Admissions Officer visited CMIS campus on Monday, September 4th. Ms. Alana Green talked to Grade 11-12 students about undergraduate admissions and the wide varieties of programs at Mount Allison University. Mountain Allison is a primarily undergraduate Canadian liberal arts and science university located in Sackville, New Brunswick. It has been ranked the top undergraduate university in the country for 18 of the last 25 years by Maclean's magazine. Our students showed a keen interest in the school, and asked many thoughtful questions about the school and its admissions process. Moreover, it was great to have Mr. Donkin, the principal of CMIS, at the information session. As a proud alumnus of Mount Allison University, he shared some of his experiences and facilitated discussion. More information is available at the Counseling office, so take advantage and find out more about the school as well as other great universities in Canada. Ask Questions! Find Answers!