Why CMIS? Sena Jang- Student Council Vice President



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Being a student at CMIS Canada has been a great decision for my family and I. Entering CMIS feels like being a member of a small family and community. It is a rare and unique experience students can get on top of a great education. Students at CMIS Canada have a strong, deep, and safe relationship with their teachers and peers, which is a wonderful thing and though to get at all classes. Through the hard work, dedication and cooperation from the teachers and students it has made CMIS into a great, and recommending educational community. Although students naturally face stress, the fellow students and support from teachers helps students get back on track in no time. The teachers and students are supportive, creative and as a result extract each others hidden skills, creativity, and multiple intelligences from each other. On top of a strong Canadian education, CMIS has great and various opportunities for students to gain leadership and additional experiences. Through Senior years, there are a lot of clubs, which mostly students have made and it is such a great honored place to attend, learn, experience, and express all the creativity and skills.

Sena Jang

CMIS Student Council Vice President