Why CMIS? - Crystal Sweeten



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Why choose CMIS? This is the question many of you may seem to be pondering. I will try my best to give you some reasons why CMIS is a great place for learning and growth.

Hello my name is Crystal Sweeten. I have been teaching  at CMIS for 7 years now and have taught grades 8 & 9 ELA & Social Studies, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten and grade 3, and I can tell you that CMIS is a great place for students to learn and grow both socially and academically. At CMIS we strive to teach students social skills, character and academics. Our goal isn’t to make just academically high achievers but an all around compassionate, respectful students. Students who can navigate through society and become great assets wherever their journey may take them.

Here at CMIS we value each other's culture and experiences. We try to make it feel as if you are a family.  CMIS has grown in numbers over the years but we strive to keep the family feeling alive by working together throughout grade levels and teaching students and teachers how to collaborate together. I enjoy working at CMIS because of this community of teachers, administration, and parents because we all have one goal in mind and that is to give students the chance to learn in an environment that is safe and engaging. A place where they can be themselves, take risks, make mistakes and get messy. (Taken from Ms. Frizzle) Students should have the opportunity to explore and learn at their own rate and comfort and here at CMIS we try our best to differentiate our teaching to reach each student’s ability level.

Finally, you ask Why CMIS? And I am here to tell you it is a place where teachers root for the kids' successes, push them to be their best and always strive to make the world a better place one child at a time.  


Crystal Sweeten

Primary 3 teacher