Why CMIS? - Misti Rodriguez



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Our motto here at CMIS is “Don’t forget to smile!” We hear it daily in our morning announcements chanted by the lilting voices of childhood bravery. The thing is however, we really do not need the reminder. If you are so lucky as to spend a day in our halls, in our classrooms, with the students and with the educators that call CMIS theirs- you will see it. The flashes of white, braced, and gapped happiness flitting from each face in conversations filled with the hope we labor so hard to plant and even harder to nurture; we never forget to smile.


That’s why I choose CMIS and we all do. Every. Single. Day. That’s why every day when I walk through the doors, on a polar bear’s prowl, I smile. Here, we are more than grades, books, and expectations. We are hope. More importantly, we are happy. Above all, we are inspired. The students’ faces have curious eyes. The students’ hands have inquisitive fingers. And the students’ smiles have hope. With that hope, that glimmer in each child’s eye for something new to be discovered, for the place in the world that belongs to them, and for the world that they WILL create, we are making futures that are relentless and vivacious.


I am here because I want to be. The students are here because they want to be. A want is a powerful, powerful thing that has moved mountains and traversed stars. You will see it; I have no doubt, just I like do. CMIS is an incredible place. We are a family, we are mentors, we are friends, we are extraordinary individuals, and the thing is, we want to be all that and more. To me, CMIS stands for creative, marvelous, imaginative, and soaring. They are words that describe each and every polar bear that chooses to walk through our doors and never forgets to smile.


Misti Rodriguez