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About Us
Mission & Vision
Educational Philosophy
Mission & Vision
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Mission statement (what we do every day)
We engage the student with challenging academics in a nurturing atmosphere while celebrating individual and cultural differences.

Vision Statement (what the future will be like because we deliver on our mission)
We raise students who are confident and creative builders of their future, and who engage in global concerns andembrace the common good.

Our expectations for each student are as follows :
Connectedness: All of life is connected no action, individual or collective, is without consequences affecting the whole.
Envisioning: We picture lofty and grander future for ourstudents and for our world; And we believe that dreams do become realities
High Expectations: CMIS hold ourselves and our students to high standards of performance and behavior
Collaborative: Quality education involves teachers, administrators, parents, students and members of local community, open, honest dialog and participation enriches the learning process
Openness: Opinions and views of all involved matter for input into what’s right for the student and the growth of theCMIS community