Why CMIS? Ms. Bang - Primary Teacher



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Choosing a school to entrust with your child is one of the most crucial and important decisions in making sure your child gets the best balanced education they need and deserve.  Through my experience as a teacher and parent, I can proudly say that CMIS is one of the best Canadian schools available in South Korea. CMIS is equipped with well-maintained facilities, skilled certified teachers expert in their respective fields, and a friendly character-filled environment. CMIS is designed to develop multi-intelligent students, not just equipped with higher logical reasoning and critical thinking skills for real-life problem solving, but also instilled with good moral values to help them become kind and responsible citizens.



CMIS provides and supports its teachers and staff, allowing us to develop professionally and allow us to stay current and knowledgeable with 21st-century skills and teaching practices. CMIS takes good care of the welfare of its students and teachers and creates a balanced learning environment for both.



As a Physical Education specialist, I can see that CMIS recognizes a variety of different sports as legitimate venues for excellence and supports the formation of varsity teams that are allowed to represent the student community in inter-school athletics. These competitions bring back to CMIS pride and recognition.



The Primary PE department offers an after-class program in sports not just for developing physical prowess but for developing leadership, responsibility, character and, most of all, life-long healthy citizenship. CMIS is in association with both KISAC and KISAA and fields teams to a variety of tournaments and sports activities throughout the year. CMIS is composed of a blend of dynamic students athletes, devoted coaches, and supportive parents. We are a loving and supportive community that I am proud to be a part of! Gooooooo Polar Bears.

Ms. Kres Bang

Primary PE Teacher