Why CMIS? Ms. Park - Primary Teacher



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Students spend significant amounts of time learning, socializing, and having fun in a variety of places.  Because it is such an important aspect of our lives, it is important to find a place where students learning is safe, caring, enjoyable, and fun.  And that’s why I chose CMIS to be such a large part of my professional career.



Here at CMIS, we want students to thrive and learn to their highest potential.  But we also want them to feel safe and cared for while having fun.  We want students to grow in knowledge, but more than that, we emphasize the importance of the heart. Our teachers invest in the lives of the students to help them become individuals that can give back to our society. CMIS has a parent community that understands and supports the school in providing a warm environment.  All these different groups, students, teachers, and parents work together to make CMIS a friendly and welcoming place.



After being here at CMIS for the past 6 years, I can truly say CMIS is a welcoming place where students and teachers are challenged to be the best people that they can be.  Most importantly, I truly believe that CMIS is a place where long-lasting relationships are formed and impact is made to change the lives of everyone here!