Why CMIS? Mr. Strydom - Senior Teacher



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Why CMIS? There are countless reasons why students and staff not only choose to be at CMIS, but also want to stay. A school is not just a place of learning. It is also a place where students and staff alike should feel a sense of safety and acceptance. A school is not just a building where you have to spend 12 years of your life. It’s where you learn about friendship, hardship, failure, and success. It should be a place where you are welcome to learn from your mistakes because that is an environment that creates innovators with creative minds. In an ever changing world it is just as important to learn about Hand, Heart, Heritage, Harmony, and Head as it is to learn about facts and rules.


CMIS does create an environment where both students and staff can grow and learn together without the fear of failure. It has an environment where we can rejoice in others’ and our own success. The staff truly cares about the students and it is clear once you walk through these halls that students also care about each other and their teachers.


It is an easy choice for me, as a teacher, to remain at the school because it is a place that challenges me to grow and help students grow academically, socially, and personally.


Mr. Leon Strydom