Why CMIS? Kyle Chabot - Primary Teacher



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CMIS is a place where people truly care.


From the first day I started working here, I understood that the people here care deeply about each other and about their work. The staff of teachers, administrators, and educational support workers work cooperatively and are always striving to provide the best education experience possible for our students. Whether it's putting in extra hours to develop materials for our excellent Canadian curriculum, organizing the latest community events, or simply greeting students with a smile in the morning, the level of care for our students at CMIS is exremely high compared to my experiences at other schools in Canada and Korea.


Our school has a special culture where students feel safe and supported to learn and grow into well-rounded human beings. A focus on academics and making sure our students are prepared for whatever the future brings is very important, but more that that, CMIS students are growing into quality people. The school's focus on character education leads our students to treat their peers and teachers with respect and empathy.


Mr. Kyle Chabot