Why CMIS? Ms. Kwon - Senior Science Teacher



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Like for most teachers, students’ well-being and productive learning is the top priority for me. CMIS had given out the impression during the past year that it is a place that cares and enables students to thrive in their own ways. From my past experiences of working at big public schools, this critical aspect was rarely met due to multiple reasons.


However, here at CMIS, I am proud to say that I know most of the faces walking down the hallways and acknowledge many of personal stories coming from them. The staff is working to their fullest every day and every moment, brainstorming and implementing different techniques to aid students. The love and affection is evident from little, tiny things such as sharing greetings to big challenges such as sharing life experiences and adding advice for the students’ futures. Staff open doors and make themselves available, and in return, students feel comfortable sharing and getting appropriate help in order to move forward together.


Hardships exist everywhere and struggles will follow, but what makes this community different is the people within and the values that are in place. At CMIS, academic excellence is not the sole goal, but a natural consequence when students are content and happy with their lives. I enjoy teaching these students whose individual main concerns are not just academic successes. My decision to stay here and continue teaching came from the embrace of differences that CMIS has demonstrated.


Every child matters and CMIS is the place where differences are accommodated and supported.


Heidi Kwon

Senior Science Teacher