Why CMIS? Jasmine Yu & Sharon Kim - Leadership Council



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Our names are Jasmine Yu and Sharon Kim. We have each attended CMIS for 11 and 6 years respectively. Having attended CMIS for such long times, we have come to love our school for many different reasons.


Firstly, CMIS is a small community, which allows us to form better relationships with our friends and teachers. Strong rapport is formed between students through student-led club activities and other school events. Relationships between teachers and students are very strong - we all know their names. And it is very common to see smiles and energetic faces.


Secondly, CMIS provides a natural environment to learn English. Students encourage each other, so everyone can improve their English skills if they are willing to.


Thirdly, there is a lot of project-based learning where teamwork is valued. These cooperation skills are useful in society, and it is a great opportunity for students to practice.


Compared to many other schools, CMIS has a comfortable learning environment. We have creative desk arrangements, comfortable uniforms, and frequent communication between teachers and students. All these factors come together to create a closely bonded learning community, where students take control of their school life. We both look forward to graduating from CMIS Canada in the coming years.



Jasmine Yu & Sharon Kim - Leadership Council