Why CMIS? Well, why not? Ms. Gemmill - Primary Teacher



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Why CMIS? Well, why not?


CMIS might not be the right place for you if you don’t like nice people. The students, staff, and administrators at CMIS are all exceptionally friendly and welcoming. CMIS mantra is “Don’t forget to smile!” and we take it very seriously. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand or an ear to those in need - it’s truly like a family!


It might not be the best place to join if you hate having fun. From sporting events to I Love to Read Week, we know how to have a good time at CMIS! You wouldn’t believe how often my students ask if we’re actually going to do work today (the joke is on them - we’ve been doing work all along).


As a teacher, if you hate collaborating with your colleagues and being part of a vibrant learning community - stay far, far away. Returning teachers have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to share, and at CMIS they are more than happy to do so! However, they are not so stuck in their ways that they are dismissive of new perspectives and ideas (I am constantly sharing and implementing mine). Ongoing professional development is encouraged and provided here.


As a student, if you dislike engaging lessons, caring teachers, small class sizes, and awesome peers - run in the opposite direction, because CMIS is not for you! We focus on student-centred learning here, with a very hands-on approach. Group work is essential, and we keep our classes small so that the teacher really gets to know and spend quality time with each and every student.


If you think Canada is the worst country in the world, you probably won’t enjoy a Manitoba-based education. The curriculum is top-notch and easy to implement in the classroom. Canadians are well-known for being friendly, polite, multicultural, and progressive. We like to implement this culture in our school as well (and we’re still working on a passion for hockey and maple syrup).


If you have been looking for a close-knit community, inspiring teachers, enthusiastic students, and supportive parents: WELCOME. This is your new place to study.


Ms. Lindsay Gemmill

First Grade Teacher / True Manitoban