Why CMIS? Mr. Law - Senior Social Studies Teacher



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CMIS is truly a unique place to both teach and learn in that it is one of the few accredited Canadian, Kindergarten through grade twelve, schools operating in South Korea! As a school based in the very international community of Song-do, both teachers and students alike are more immersed in a cosmopolitan atmosphere; for students this supports the development of a more global mindset, and for teachers there is a greater sense of the familiar in a foreign land which can be comforting.

Mentioning teachers and students, CMIS boasts some very strong academic performers amidst an active student body; there's always something going on between the various clubs and student council events! Teachers at CMIS form various communities which can be professionally enriching, always refining the craft, and quite supportive.

On a final, yet pivotal note, CMIS offers students and teachers alike the opportunity for academic and personal growth; establishing firm foundations towards a brighter tomorrow!