Why CMIS? Mr. Klein (Primary V.P.)



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I have been working in different schools in the United States and Korea for over a decade. Every school site has its strengths, but I have most treasured my experiences at school sites where a student-first attitude is the driving force. CMIS has been exemplary in this regard.


It has been a great privilege to serve as an educator in the CMIS community. I greatly value the strong relationships that I have been able to develop with this group of parents, students, administrators, and other teachers. I cherish the way in which an intimate school like our's lets students become more comfortable with teachers, and I love nothing more than being greeted by students that I have never actually taught. The focus on character and communal events further strengthens the bonds between all of us. There is so much more to the school setting than academics, and it is incredibly heart-warming to see students internalize a sense of empathy and responsible decision-making.


My fondest memory at CMIS has definitely been our annual CMIS Thanksgiving picnics. I think a lot of love can be expressed through sharing a meal. Some of our parents may not be able to communicate fluently in English, but hand-made culinary masterpieces are a tribute to their care for their students at this site. The picnic is a valuable time for all of us to count our blessings, and I definitely count my career at CMIS as one of them.


David Klein

Primary 4 teacher (Primary V.P.)