Why CMIS? John Jung - Student Council President



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The reason I love CMIS so much is that this place is very energetic and supportive. Teachers are very kind and supportive towards our learning. Whenever I have any difficulties in my learning, I can always count on them to guide me through the problem solving process.  The school supports its students and tries to help our ways of learning in the best way possible. This helps me a lot with how I get through my academic year. The most enjoyable part of CMIS is that the CMIS community is kind towards each other. CMIS is a community and we all know each other like a family, which is quite unique. It is very common to see smiles and bright faces. This is my first year in C.M.I.S. and what I’ve noticed was that everyone in the CMIS is around to help and guide you if you need help. The compassion, empathy, and generosity around the school is what makes CMIS a special place.  One of the most memorable moments was when I first came to CMIS in September, I did not know anyone. In moments of my arrival a group of students came to me and greeted me with bright smiles and invited me to be with them. I was very shocked since from other schools, non of the students approached me as the C.M.I.S students did. Words cannot explain how much of a great school C.M.I.S is for the students and I really do love the community in CMIS!